Latest News: Infor Selected for Revenue Management by Broadway Mansions Hotel Shanghai

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Corporate Brochure

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Infor Expands Hospitality Offering with Acquisition of Easy RMS

Company Overview

For over a decade EasyRMS has been the leading provider of Internet Revenue & Yield Management Solutions and independent Consultancy Services worldwide.

Leveraging its many years’ experience, EasyRMS is dedicated to the introduction of new generation technology and procedures within the hospitality industry and aims to deliver these services to its Clients in an “Ez and professional” manner.

The experience and expertise gained throughout the development of Revenue Optimisation within the Hospitality, Airline, Transportation and Media industries during the past 30 years has armed us with a unique and realistic knowledge of client expectations for the future, giving strength and presence to the company’s founding statement:

“ To provide top quality products and services, in an Ez and exciting manner, at affordable prices.“

Backed by the confidence of many of today’s industry leaders, EasyRMS is committed to supporting strategic decision making and implementation of Revenue and Yield Management techniques and procedures on a global level.

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We looked at other revenue management solutions, but it was the multi-category optimisation within EzRMS™ that led us to choose this system. We do have different categories, but as almost fifty percent of Hôtel Napoléon’s capacity is suites, it was fundamental to choose a RMS that allowed us to optimise…

Fabrice Afuta
Deputy Manager, Marketing & Revenue
Hôtel Napoléon


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